Frequently Asked Questions for Online Holiday Design 

What is provided?

Design Package

  • Digitized image of area decorated

  • A round of revisions

  • Electrical schematic

Product list

  • Directions on how to install

  • Pro tips page

  • Solutions to common issues page


Is it affordable?

This is by far the most economical way to receive a professional design.  There is an initial investment in products which varies by the types of products you are looking to use.  You will own all products after purchase so your cost every following year is less than the initial install year. 


Sample product costs are as follows

25 Ft of Roofline C9 LED  $   22.10

Garland 9 ft  $   96.90

36-Inch Wreath  $ 130.90

25 Ft Ground Lighting  $   19.55

Mini Lights  $   11.90



Cost vs Professional Company (pricing based on typical product rental cost)



What do I need to do?

There will be a few measurements we will be needing you to provide to ensure we provide you with the correct amount of lighting.  This is important on rooflines and for ground lighting.  You will also need to full out a Design survey so we can create a custom design based on your tastes.   


Why is holiday lighting so expensive?

Professional holiday lighting companies have great demand and limited time to install the décor.  This leads to a very advantageous demand for those companies’ services.   This allows professional companies to charge what they want and cause overall cost to be out of reach for the majority homeowners.


What about service calls?

All products provided to you will be commercial grade LED products.  These products alone cut down on the number of service call substantially.  The majority of service calls are now simple issues of a GFI reacting to rain and simply needs the connections to dry out to work properly.  You will also receive a guide to fixing the most common issues. 



What is the process?

You send us images of your home and fill out our simple questionnaire

You fill out a Design questionnaire

You receive design concepts

We work together to get the perfect final design

We source products and send out to you

You get access to online resources to lead you on your way to a great holiday look.


How are your prices less than what is listed online through vendors?

Simple by purchasing a lot of products in higher quantity allow us to pass the savings on to you.  We only use products we are confident in their quality.


Can I keep my products up longer than 90 days?

This is not recommended.  The products are designed as seasonal products thus only should be up for a maximum of 90 days.


How long do products last?

Products are designed to last for many years.  Seasonal lighting and décor is designed to be used 90 days per year.  Most manufacturers have either a 1- or 3-year warrantee on their products.  We will provide you with vendor info if you have any issues with products you can talk to them directly to expedite the process.


Can I install myself?

Yes you will be provided with all the instruction and electrical requirements to install this with no experience necessary. 


I don’t want to install it myself, how do I find installers?

We will be providing you with an electrical schematic as well as installation techniques so you can install yourself or with your family.  There are also always people every skill level from professionals to the college aged kid looking for extra income during the holiday season.  There are also many sites for local installers such as and (sites are only given as reference we make no acknowledgements of their service quality). 


How long is the design process?


Online Holiday Design works to reply to any questions within 2 business days can have a design completed once all information is received within 1 week if we receive prompt feedback from the client through out the process.